The path to consumer spend is paved with transparency

94% percent reward transparency with brand loyalty
73% considers transparency more important than price
40% will shift to a more transparent alternative

Ecochain is a marketing tool that helps you manage and share a reliable and compelling story about the environmental performance of your product

How does it work?

Share your story and help your customers make better choices

Ecostories is a revolutionary marketing tool to tell the story of your product's footprint and engage customers to make a sustainable change

How does it work:

  • Ecostories synchronizes with Ecochain to import verified footprint data (API)
  • Ecostories then creates a landing page for each product that shows simple infographics to show the footprint of your product
  • Now you can use the simple “drag-and-drop” page tool to add marketing content to the Ecostory of your product with, for example; video content, product images and testimonials from customers
  • You have full control over your Ecostories! You can add content, publish and de-publish pages within minutes.
  • Use the endless possibilities to share your stories with customers by means of a page URL or a QR code that can be printed on product packaging or labels.

What challenges did we solve for you?

As a marketer you have probably considered footprint transparency before since it’s so effective. If you haven’t it’s probably because you were aware of all the bottlenecks. Calculating, let alone sharing footprint information was expensive, hard and cumbersome. With Ecochain and Ecostories, all your challenges are solved at once



  • Calculate the footprint of your entire product portfolio in one go
  • Benchmark the environmental performance of all your products
  • Compare the environmental performance of your product lines with their revenue share

Ecochain + Ecostories

  • Synchronize your footprint data with Ecostories
  • Add videos, testimonials and the storyline of the origin of your products and create a QR code for your product labels
  • Engage your customers with easy access to great product stories

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