The fashion industry – a real polluter

The clothes we wear every day really have an enormous impact on climate change. But how can we change that?

Luc Hillege

Hi! I'm Luc - Product Manager at Ecochain. I ensure the development of our software solutions is aligned with the needs and requirements of our customers. My main objective: to deliver valuable technology that allows our customers to measure their Product's Environmental Footprint (LCA).

June 7, 2019


The fashion industry is responsible for more than 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions – according to the UN!

It emits over 1.2 BILLION tonnes of greenhouse gases every YEAR.

Well… we can all just buy one shirt less a year, and the issue is gone.

Just kidding!

In reality, fashion companies struggle to reduce their environmental impact – because their supply chain is extremely complex.

From harvesting fiber, over preparing the yarn, dyeing to cutting and sewing our clothes – there are so many steps in between – and a lot of them are outsourced to external suppliers.

Not an easy job. Learn more about how you can build the most sustainable fashion brand in the world by joining one of our events or talk to one of our experts.

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