3 November 2017

Tebodin makes sustainability actionable

Tebodin developed a circular production scan based on Ecochain in early 2016.

Tebodin developed a circular production scan based on Ecochain in early 2016. In recent months, the consulting firm has gained experience. The tool will be used to discover optimizations at existing production sites and new projects, then assessing the consequences for CO2 and environmental costs thresholds. Often new insights are discovered that appear to be very useful for for example new construction projects.

Sustainability concrete

“With our circular production scan, we make sustainability concrete,” says Mariska van Dalen, senior consultant sustainability of Tebodin: “It appears that for many business carbon footprint and sustainability have still little practical significance or are even vague. One of the major advantages of our circular production scan is that it makes it possible to reduce CO2 footprint and save energy, water and raw materials at the same time. ” These opportunities translate our tool into euros again. In other words, you can see at a glance what the opportunities are.

Broader perspective

The circular production scan also has a different effect. It gives production companies a new perspective. Mariska van Dalen: “We also introduced the scan to production sites. The results of the tool show the activity of the location in relation to the environmental impact of the total supply chain. This proved to be eye-opener for many companies and they see now more opportunities for cooperation in their supply chain. ”

The circular production scan has been so well received that Tebodin will offer the circular production scan to a larger group of companies. The intention is that the tool will not only be rolled out in the Netherlands but also internationally.

- Sherman Tobias