Ecochain and ABN AMRO partner up to help companies start their transition to circularity1 min read

The leading Dutch bank and Ecochain help companies reduce their footprint and unlock business opportunities.

Henk van Dop

Head of Sales at Ecochain

August 20, 2019


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With sustainability on the agenda in governments around the world, businesses are facing a major paradigm shift. The big challenge: transitioning to a sustainable business model, that enables both growth and a continuous reduction in carbon emissions.

How can we reduce emissions efficiently?

But to start this transition, companies need to understand their environmental data and find the most efficient ways to reduce their footprint.

With Ecochain’s Environmental Intelligence Platform, companies can analyze the environmental footprints of their products, processes, organization and supply chain. By analyzing cost-price and profit margins at all these levels too, companies can find hotspots and identify measures to reduce their emissions efficiently and profitably. This way, businesses can determine a roadmap and track their progress towards a zero-emission circular business.

Circularity doesn’t happen from one day to the next. Our Environmental Intelligence Platform is the cockpit that companies need to take the right steps towards circularity, and ABN AMRO is the best partner to help in realizing these steps.

Boudewijn Mos, co-Founder of Ecochain

Impact Based Banking: Investments for a circular transition

ABN AMRO’s Impact Based Banking initiative aims to help companies in their transition towards circularity. Future-proofing a company in this respect can bring along the need for major investments in new technologies or processes.

That is why ABN AMRO and Ecochain have joined forces. After identifying and evaluating their opportunities to reduce environmental impact with Ecochain, ABN AMRO can fund the investments required and help companies to execute on their plans.

To learn more about your transition to a circular business model, get in touch with us using the form below.

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