6 December 2017

Ecochain Technologies receives 2 million euro from Volta Ventures to accelerate expansion

Ecochain Technologies has received an investment of € 2 million from the investment fund Volta Ventures, which will have a minority interest in the company.

Friso van Lanschot, CEO of Ecochain Technologies, says, “With Volta Ventures, we’ve found a strategic partner that can really help Ecochain accelerate in line with our ambitions. They understand our value proposition and business model, and they see our enormous potential. Volta is not only making a substantial investment, it’s providing knowledge and a valuable network.”

Sander Vonk, Partner in Volta Ventures, adds, “Ecochain has the right solution at the right time. Besides providing environmental management, this same solution provides a tool for saving on production costs and in the business chain. We believe that this combination puts a unique tool in their hands, which will result in companies becoming sustainable more quickly. Ecochain is so revolutionary that I daresay they can be a worldwide standard. They also have an enthusiastic, passionate and professional team, and we enjoy working together”.

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- Sherman Tobias