A milestone! Our clients calulcated over 350.000 product-footprints (LCAs) using our platform

Roel's Environmental Update
Roel Drost

by Roel Drost, PhD​


Thanks to our clients who trusted our platform and calculated 350.000 product footprints, we could very well be the largest database with product footprints in the world. And this is just the beginning.

We want to empower everyone to make sustainable change.

‘Why conduct an LCA for a single product if you could digitize this process and conduct assessments across your full portfolio, – at once?’

Activity-based footprinting is a very efficient way to calculate the footprint of all your products at once. A traditional Life Cycle Assessment is a ‘bottom-up’ approach to calculate the footprint of a single product, often summarized in a (paper)-based report. Very inefficient…

And what is the value of those static LCA reports in a world where the demand for environmental intelligence is on the rise? Let us get rid of those reports, digitize these assessments and start working with interactive dashboards that provide insight into the current situation as opposed to outdated results.

We believe that environmental intelligence is becoming a real business driver for today’s businesses. Environmental intelligence provides you with insights into the life cycle impacts of all your products. And you want this information to be up-to-date, reliable, cost-effective and relevant for your business.

Due to our ABF system architecture, Ecochain can conduct Life Cycle Assessments across your entire product portfolio at once. The results will empower your business with readily-available, footprint information on company, process and product level. From then on, you can easily dive down into the LCA details of products (expert-data), or consider consolidated information about the performance of product lines and processes (Business Intelligence statistics).

We believe that environmental information, just like financial information, should be accessible and interpretable for all your stakeholders, but most of them should not be burdened with LCA information and methodological aspects. Ecochain converts scientific, environmental data to performance statistics that everyone understands, – your process engineers, your purchasers, your marketers and last but not least, your customers.

Ecochain wants to help everyone to make better decisions, enabling everyone to make sustainable change…

And that is what many of our clients already recognize. Using our software they calculated the life cycle environmental impacts of more than 350.000 products. We are very grateful that they trust the power of our platform.

About the Author

Roel Drost is Ecochain’s Chief Value Officer. He leads our team of Environmental Specialists and has more than 20 years of experience in creating sustainable value through LCA, Sustainably Supply Chain Management and Natural & Social Accounting. Previously, he worked for Philips and EY.

In his column, Roel regularly writes about current developments in sustainable business practice.

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