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Ready to design more sustainable products? Explore sustainable product design with Emma, as she demonstrates how to reduce your product’s impact and make data-driven sustainability decisions using Ecochain Mobius. Learn how to create, measure, and improve your product’s footprint with instant insights and scenario feature.

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Brad Vanstone
“Until you put numbers behind your decisions, everything's an assumption, and it's difficult to say you are creating impact until you have numbers. ” — Brad Vanstone, CEO at Willicroft Read more
Iris van Wanrooij Emma Safety Shoes
“Customers increasingly ask for different sustainability criteria. With Ecochain’s LCA software Mobius we now have extensive footprint reports for our shoe models, clearly outlining the impact from the production to the end of life phase.” — Iris van Wanrooij, Program Manager CSR at EMMA SAfety Footwear Read more
Wanda Gordts
“We needed a user-friendly platform to calculate the impact of our products. In addition to access to an extensive database, we also receive personalized advice from environmental specialists. Mobius is exactly what we need to be able to continue learning about sustainability.” — Wanda Gordts, Head of Marketing & Product Development at Vadigran Read more
Wim de Jager COO Skullcandy
“The health of the planet is important to our employees and consumers. Ecochain Mobius has allowed us to measure our products' impact and identify its sources so that we can start implement change. Soon, we will use Ecochain Mobius in our production decision-making processes.” — Wim de Jager, COO at Skullcandy Read more
Thomas van Hemert - Zeropackaging
“The main functionalities of Mobius combined with how easily the tool can be tailored for packaging, makes working with Mobius delight. With Mobius we are able to incorporate Ecodesign to our product development and business processes. ” — Thomas van Hemert, Designer at ZeroPackaging Read more

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