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Frequently asked questions

The free trial allows you to find out how Mobius works. Scenarios can be drawn up, impact references can be searched in databases, questions can be asked to experts, and you can look at how a full life cycle can be modeled & modified. It functions as a free training to learn more about environmental measurements and how you can start measuring LCAs in an easy way.

The features are the same as for the paid Mobius account. The only difference is the #references you can take from our impact (LCI) database Ecoinvent. This holds a maximum of 15 references in the free trial. 

Yes! The Mobius tool has the ability to add all life cycle stages to a product. From production to the end-of life. (Cradle-to-grave & Cradle-to-cradle)

Mobius comes with integrated Ecoinvent and other LCI databases. The Mobius trial has a limit of 10 Ecoinvent datasets that can be used during the trial..

We have recorded several tutorial videos that give our users more information about how the tool works- and what exactly you can do with it. You can find them in our Help Center.

All the impact categories in LCA. These are: 

Abiotic depletion, Abiotic depletion (fossil fuels), Acidification, Eutrophication, Freshwater aquatic ecotoxicity, Global warming, Marine aquatic ecotoxicity, Ozone layer depletion (ODP), Photochemical oxidation, Terrestrial ecotoxicity, Climate change, Climate change – Biogenic, Climate change – Fossil, Climate change, Land use and LU change, Ecotoxicity, freshwater, Ecotoxicity, freshwater – inorganics, Ecotoxicity, freshwater – metals, Ecotoxicity, freshwater – organics, Eutrophication, freshwater, Eutrophication, marine, Eutrophication, terrestrial, Eutrophication, cancer, Human toxicity, cancer – inorganics, Human toxicity, cancer metals, Human toxicity, non-cancer, Land use, Water use, Ozone depletion 

Mobius is a tool developed for users with have little or no LCA experience, but can also be used by those who are  experienced in LCA. Mobius is easy and quick to use. 

Basically, there are two options:

  1. Via the pricing page in Mobius (free trial area), the full version can be purchased by using a Credit Card.
  2. An appointment can be scheduled with an Ecochain employee, who will issue an official quote.

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