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Experience Ecochain Helix in action

Join us on Wednesday June 12th, at 12pm CEST, for a Live Demo event and experience how you can create verified LCAs and EPDs at scale.

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Key information

  • When: Wednesday June 12th at 12pm CEST
  • Host: Sem Dijkshoorn

Who should attend

  • Sustainability Managers and Directors
  • Manufacturers
  • Sustainability Consultants


What’s in it for you

  • Learn more about Ecochain and its solutions
  • Experience a live demonstration of Ecochain Helix
  • Discover how Ecochain Helix empowers you to:
    • Create verified LCAs and EPDs at scale
    • Comply with upcoming regulations
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your product’s environmental footprint through its powerful features
  • Learn more about the Ecochain Helix Roadmap


Any questions related to your use cases and our solutions? Book a call with our sustainable business specialist, Kim.

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