Sustainable Procurement

Organizations are increasingly aware that their environmental footprint and that of their supply chain are heavily interdependent upon each other. If companies want to arrive at a far-reaching reduction of their environmental footprint, they need to purchase resources that have the best possible sustainability/price ratio. That makes procurement professionals important agents for sustainable change.

Integrated Environmental Intelligence provides verified reference points to benchmark the environmental performance of suppliers

It offers procurement professionals the instruments to identify the best-performing suppliers and collaborate effectively to maximize sustainable returns

Organizations are beginning to recognize that efforts to reduce their footprint are rewarding in many ways – from increased cost-efficiency to growing revenues. If on average 90% of a business’s footprint is induced by its supply chain, it is only rational to identify the suppliers that can help you to reduce your company’s footprint further.

However, purchasers often have little means to validate the environmental claims of their suppliers and even fewer means to benchmark the environmental performance of different suppliers.

Environmental Intelligence solves those issues effectively.

Benefit from clear reference points to verify environmental claims of suppliers

Environmental Intelligence demonstrates the environmental hotspots in your value chain. By default, it applies verified, industry average datasets about the lifecycle performance of materials to calculate product footprints. As a result, it provides you with clear reference points to benchmark the environmental claims of suppliers and helps you to identify and leverage your best-performing suppliers to maximize your sustainable return on investment.  

Collaborate effectively with suppliers to maximize sustainable added value and returns

Ecochain’s Environmental Intelligence Platform provides you with the tools to invite suppliers to self-verify their product footprints. The objective is to develop a database with the product-specific, authentic footprint data of your suppliers. In return, it helps your suppliers to demonstrate how their products outperform the industry average. From then on you and your suppliers can collaborate effectively to become sustainable frontrunners and build a competitive advantage.

Key benefits:

  • Identify hotspots in your supply chain
  • Use verified reference points to benchmark the environmental performance of suppliers
  • Invite suppliers to self-verify their environmental performance
  • Collaborate with suppliers to maximize added value and sustainable returns throughout the value chain

Integrated. Collaborative. Accessible

Ecochain brings environmental intelligence to the heart of the enterprise and empowers everyone to make sustainable change.