Green Marketing and Sales

The momentum for green marketing is strong.
More and more companies demonstrate how their sustainable products outperform their less sustainable counterparts. However, the time for greenwashing is definitely over.

Integrated Environmental Intelligence provides the instruments to profit from your environmental performance

The market for sustainable products is growing rapidly and the forecasts promise a bright future. Environmental Intelligence provides marketing and sales professionals with the insights and the tools to become the go-to brand for buyers that want to make a sustainable choice

Ecochain Environmental Softwar

'With Ecochain we are able to optimize the decision-making process and track the results continuously'

‘Ecochain’s Environmental intelligence solves sustainability challenges for us. With Ecochain we are able to optimize the decision-making process and track the results continuously. Beside that Ecochain provides a reliable, scientifically proven method to measure, to prove and to market the continuous improvements to the environmental performance of our kegs’

Bert Hanssen Technical - Director Lightweight Container
lIghtweight containers - Bert Hansen

'Ecochain helps us to reduce costs, improve process management, reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.'

We are continuously striving to optimize our processes to discover how we can reduce our energy consumption, use of materials and emissions. This is how we help our customers reduce the footprint of their civil design projects and win green tenders together. Due to Ecochain we can measure and improve our performance, and we do so on a monthly basis.

- Alexander Pouw, Commercial Director

‘I think that in the near future you will not even be able to submit to a tender without disclosing your environmental performance’

The greener the better, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is impossible to change the world on your own. You need everyone in your value chain to arrive at a CO2 neutral operation. And Ecochain helps us to identify the hotspots in our value chain that in effect point out opportunities to really make an impact.

- Roderik Mos, Managing Director

‘The urgency for sustainability is a topic that is so extremely vivid and concerns everyone. As a business, you have to get your house in order’

You need to analyze your own environmental performance before you can engage your value chain partners. Ecochain developed a toolbox that is accessible and easy to use and taught us the rules of the sustainability game, so we can discuss these rules with others and really make a difference.

- Jos Burger, CEO Ultimaker

Green marketing is about much more than PR and branding. It’s about building competitive advantage, revenue growth, and customer retainment. However, it has become clear – painfully for some – that greenwashing can be counter-effective. If environmental claims are publically disputed or undermined, the damage to a brand can be significant.

Customers expect transparency and reward that with brand loyalty. The latest trends show that the willingness to pay a green premium price is growing. Also, procurement professionals – public purchasers specifically – increasingly have to meet sustainability KPIs, and their purchases have to meet environmental performance requirements and regulations.

Environmental Intelligence provides marketing professionals with the instruments to capitalize on a sustainable strategy

Evident based environmental claims are essential to benefit from the growing market for sustainable products. Environmental intelligence provides you with the insights and the tools to demonstrate and to successfully market the environmental performance of your company and your products.

Environmental Intelligence provides sales professionals with readily available information on the footprint of products and services

Sales professionals are increasingly confronted with requests for green products and the challenge to submit to green tenders. Environmental Intelligence provides you with readily available and reliable information on the footprint of your products and their compliance with environmental regulations. This will simplify and speed up the development of winning biddings and help you to become the preferred supplier of sustainable products.

Anticipate European PEF regulations and start building a competitive advantage now

The European Commision wants to support procurement professionals and consumers to make better-informed decisions by providing them with standardized, commonly understood information about the footprint of products across Europe. The EC is currently testing a framework of principles and requirements to create Product Environmental Footprint information (PEF) end Organisation Environmental Footprint information (OEF). The objective is that every product has a PEF label and every company discloses their OEF.

It is expected that PEF and OEF regulations will enter into force before 2025.
Ecochain’s Environmental Intelligence platform is PEF and OEF compliant by-design. The methodology (Life Cycle Assessment) to come to a PEF or OEF declaration is embedded in the system.

Key benefits:

  • Access to evident based, easy to interpret, footprint information
  • Insights and tools to demonstrate and market your sustainable performance
  • Insights to create winning biddings
  • PEF compliancy

Integrated. Collaborative. Accessible

Ecochain brings environmental intelligence to the heart of the enterprise and empowers everyone to make sustainable change.