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Ecochain Environmental Softwar

Activity Based Footprinting (ABF)

Activity Based Footprinting is the core principle of our platform architecture. It provides your company and all its stakeholders with reconcilable environmental information that pinpoints both hotspots and opportunities to optimize operational excellence and sustainable growth.

  • Gather all your company data that regard use of energy and materials
  • Import your data to Ecochain and allocate them to activities such as production processes for products
  • Let Ecochain run its complex LCA algorithms, as your digitized environmental expert
  • Learn from its razor-sharp hotspots analyses and assess most significant opportunities
  • Discover game-changing business cases and engage stakeholders to maximize a sustainable return on investment
Key benefit

Integrated: Benefit from reconciled environmental information ‘by design’.

Due to our ABF system architecture, Ecochain simultaneously assesses the environmental impact of your company, its processes, products, and supply chain hotspots. The effect can be broken down into 31 different environmental categories – from CO₂ to water toxicity – or displayed as an Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) score. ABF makes sure that the footprint of your company and your products are always reliable and reconciled ‘by design.’ It provides organizations with the intelligence and the accounting rigor they need to optimize operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Key benefit

Collaborative: Amplify results through collaboration with supply chain partners

Companies are increasingly aware that their environmental footprint is entwined with that of their supply chain. On average around 90% of a company’s footprint stems from their supply chain. Small investments can have a huge impact, being that there is so much to gain here. Ecochain’s networked technology provides a collaboration platform that empowers companies to share – and learn from integrated, reconcilable supply chain data so your company and its suppliers can head for maximized sustainable returns together.

Key benefit

Accessible: Enable all your stakeholders to make sustainable change

Environmental management and Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) technology have been around for years. Most of these applications require training and a background in environmental science. We believe that environmental information, just like financial information, should be accessible and interpretable for all your stakeholders, but most of them should not be burdened with LCA information and methodological aspects. Ecochain converts scientific, environmental data to performance statistics that everyone understands, – helping everyone to make better decisions, enabling everyone to make sustainable change.

Key functionality

Ultra-efficient: Conduct Life Cycle Assessment (LCAs) and create Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) across your full product portfolio

Again, due to its ABF system architecture, Ecochain can conduct Life Cycle Assessments across your entire product portfolio at once. It will empower your business with readily-available, footprint information on company, process and product level. From then on, you can easily dive down into the LCA details of products (expert-data), or consider consolidated information about the performance of product lines and processes (Business Intelligence statistics). Finally, it allows you to create Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs, ISO 14025) on the fly so you can communicate transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products to external stakeholders.

Basel runs 100% on renewable energy


The Ecochain application is fully certified and meets all the required standards such as ISO 14040-44, EN 15804. Furthermore, Ecochain has been validated by the internationally accredited registrar and classification society DNV GL. The Life Cycle Analyses that Ecochain calculates can be verified quickly and easily for inclusion in the Netherlands National Environmental Database.

Ecochain organization is a recognized assessment agency and MPRI licensee.

Transparency and Security

The Ecochain platform complies with the latest international safety standards and is tested regularly. Both the data and data traffic are fully encrypted. You have maximum control over your data. Ecochain’s data management system allows you to secure sensitive business information and manage the disclosure of footprint data. You choose what you want to share and with whom.



Baseline LCA compliance &
sustainable supply chain


– Product CO2 footprint
– LCA & EPD data calculations for your
entire portfolio, with limited LCA indicators
– EPD data publications
– Mass balance calculation & corrections
– Product Scope 3 calculations
– Invite your suppliers for FREE to retrieve real and more accurate Scope 3 data

Extra (pay per use):

Full compliant EPD
Short EPD product profile sheet
Audit & mass LCA validation
EcoInvent database

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Full environmental management system.

As the FREE version with additional features:

– LCA calculations with all LCA indicators
Advanced hotspot analyses on Company, Process & Product level.
Company Scope 3 calculations
Advanced Scope 1, 2 & 3 data consolidations
– Energy management
– CO2 management
– LCA audit management
– Supply chain management
– Transport management

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ISO 14040/44 compliance
ISO 14067 compliance
EN 15804 LCA compliance

PAS 2050 LCA compliance
European PEF compliance*
European OEF compliance*

ISO 14021/25 compliance
ISO 14001 data framework
ISO 50001 data framework

GRI data framework environment
EU Energy Efficiency Directive EED

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