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Capacity & Awareness

Let’s stop debating whether ‘sustainability pays off’

The battle to get companies interested in sustainability is basically over. No self-respecting company big and small, debates whether environmental and social issues can affect the company’s bottom line. At the very least, executives recognize their key stakeholders like their customers and employees, do care about these issues. So, sustainability is on the strategic agenda to stay. Or isn’t it, really?

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Footprinting & LCA

Measuring & managing Scope 3 environmental impact

For most organizations, the (indirect) environmental impact in the value chain is a dominant contribution to the overall environmental impact. Therefore, for most companies, reducing the scope 3 provides the ‘biggest bang for the buck’ in terms of impact reduction.

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Capacity & Awareness

Circular Economy – Beginner’s Guide

The Circular Economy – also referred to as circularity – is an economic system that often gets connected to sustainability. But what does it actually mean? And how does it look like in practice?

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Environmental Policy & News

Carbon Tax & Carbon Pricing – 15-Minute Guide

Carbon taxes and carbon pricing are a hot topic: Policymakers around the world debate whether they help fight climate change or not. This article will give you a head start in understanding carbon taxation and the idea behind it.

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