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LCA verification & critical review - Ecochain
How to verify your LCA results
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Sustainability claims guide_Ecochain
How to use LCA for credible environmental claims
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LCA software tools overview
LCA software – A complete overview – The 6 most renowned Life Cycle Assessment tools
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product CO2 vs environmental footprint - Ecochain
CO2 footprint vs. Environmental footprint of products – The main differences
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3 key learnings from sustainable apparel frontrunners_Ecochain
KEY Learnings from 3 sustainable apparel frontrunners
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Navigating the world of sustainability claims has become hard work. When can you claim what and how do we know when claims are legitimate? Our consensus: It comes down to transparency. Companies must show their sustainability data, detail their methods of measuring AND talk about their failures. In this podcast with O My Bag we speak on exactly this topic.
What sustainability claims can you make as a company? – Talking Transparency in Fashion.
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