Measure and improve the environmental impact of your packaging.

Whether it’s a single package or your complete portfolio of 100 products.

With public pressure and too many stakeholders, driving sustainability in plastics and packaging is challenging. We help ambitious packaging companies make the circular transition easier by measuring and reducing the environmental impact.

Working with members of

Quantify the environmental performance of your packaging -
on two different scales:

Complete product portfolios & manufacturing sites.

Ecochain Helix

Helix is the efficient portfolio footprint tool.
Individual products & product design.

Ecochain Mobius

Mobius is the easy product footprint solution.

Goodbye, expensive experts & slow measurement processes.

Impact measurements, made for business

Our easy product footprint tools are built to deliver strategic sustainable business insights - not academic research. It's footprinting for business.

Full control over your environmental data

Your business constantly changes. Don't waste time hiring expensive consultants. Implement every change with our tools - and always access your most recent data.

Credible environmental insights

Our tools follow the credible scientific method Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Understand where your impact comes from - and claim it to the world.

Specialist Guidance & Tutorials

Our team of experienced environmental specialists work with many companies in textile & apparel. They can assist you in implementing our software and answer all your questions.

Ecochain Footprinting suite

What Ecochain delivers to ambitious packaging frontrunners

You don't need to figure it out yourself.

Our Environmental Footprinting tools are more than software: Our experts have the expertise and experience to support you in making your project a success.

Extensive material database:
70+ packaging materials

Our databases feature a large amount of plastics, bioplastics, metals, organic materials, adhesives, solvents, and more. Making footprint measurements and designing even easier.

Manufacturing process templates

We have already modeled many manufacturing process, be it injection molding, extrusion, or coating. 

Sustainability Flywheel
"We wanted to understand where our environmental impact comes from. Ecochain's tools helped us compare the impact of different paper products on the environment, and we found an alternative to reduce our impact by 16 %."
Martin van de Pol
Energy- and Environmental manager at Crown Van Gelder

How do you reduce your impact when the packaging is heavier than the content?

The packaging challenge in spirits seems simple: When the bottle weighs more than its contents, there is room for improvement. In the Frontrunner Report: Spirits of the future we tell the stories of sustainable change makers in the spirits industry – and how they overcame this challenge.

Spirits of The Future Mockup