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Spirits of the future:

How sustainable change makers are turning the liquor industry upside down

Join us on a journey through the spirits supply chain. We’ll take a close look at the grains that the drinks are made from, how they get processed, and how they are packaged, distributed, and consumed. Through each step, we will present to you the story of different changemakers, and how they inspire us and others to reduce the environmental impact of their industry.

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How Avallen Spirits creates a carbon-positive Calvados

Tim from Avallen Spirits started at the beginning: What is the most sustainable raw ingredient for their liquor? This is their story.

Spirits of The Future Mockup
Spirits of The Future Mockup

Distilling a feeling: How Two Drifters created a 100% electric and renewable distillation process

Two Drifters used their expertise to reinvent the way Whisky gets distilled.

Mezcal and the indigenous people of the Mexican mountains

Mezcal and Tequila could be called cousins – yet they face very different challenges when it comes to sustainability. 

Spirits of The Future Mockup
Spirits of The Future Mockup

How a glass cube revolutionized the way we ship alcohol

Shipping heavy glass bottles around the globe causes a lot of emissions. Proof & Company reinvented that process – with a glass cube.

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