Portfolio analysis & Sustainability Strategy

Design an effective sustainability strategy that takes all of your business into account

Sustainability strategies don’t work in a vacuum. Ecochain enables you to design a sustainability strategy based on your business reality. Cross-reference footprints with revenue and output and focus on what really makes an impact.

Understand your impact data, faster. Through interactive reporting.

Your impact is not static, and neither should be your reporting. Through our interactive reporting, you can deep-dive into individual products and compare the environmental impact, faster than ever.


Analyze all your product and process impacts. Across your entire portfolio.

Instead of one footprint at a time, analyze the environmental impact of all your processes and products in one overview. Compare them across the entire life cycle. Separate products and total production to get even more insights into which products really drive your environmental impact.

Compare based on revenue and environmental impact

A sustainability strategy doesn’t live in a vacuum. Cross-reference your environmental impact and your sales numbers to get a deep understanding of your business’ footprint. Find out which products drive the most impact per SKU or revenue earned, and adjust accordingly.

Our specialists have your back.

Sustainable change isn’t easy. And it doesn’t come overnight. If you don’t have the expertise to measure your environmental emissions in-house, our team of experienced Environmental Specialists is here to help. All our solutions come with dedicated specialist onboarding and project support, so that you can make sure that your individual needs are met.

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