Impact Reduction Scenarios & Strategy

How do your choices impact your emissions?

You make important decisions every day. How do you design your product? Or your organization? Our solutions help you make a more sustainable choice.

Decision / What if

Zoom into any part of your supply chain. Find what really drives your impact.

In order to make any sustainable decision, you need to understand your impact. No matter if you want to look at a single product and its parts, or at your entire product portfolio. That’s why our solutions help you analyze and understand what drives the environmental impact in your product, process, or entire supply chain. So you can focus on what really makes a difference.

Impact per Process
Scope 1 2 3

As close as it gets to looking into the future. Compare scenarios.

What if we changed that material? What if we sold more of these products instead? Any decision can have a massive impact on our overall environmental performance. Our solutions let you compare different scenarios side-by-side – on a company and product level.

Reliable data.
Decisions you can trust.

Your analysis is only as good as the data you use for it. Our solutions are based on the world’s leading LCI databases, such as Ecoinvent. On top of that, in 8+ years of existence we have built extensive sector-specific databases with references for almost every process or product. Our solutions are ISO-certified and conform to ISO 14040/44.

30000 references

Model your products. Or your entire organization.

We offer solutions for sustainable products and sustainable organizations. So no matter if you want to build scenarios for a single, simple product, or for a complex portfolio of products – we can solve your sustainability challenge.

Our specialists have your back.

Sustainable change isn’t easy. And it doesn’t come overnight. If you don’t have the expertise to measure your environmental emissions in-house, our team of experienced Environmental Specialists is here to help. All our solutions come with dedicated specialist onboarding and project support, so that you can make sure that your individual needs are met.

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