Process Footprint

Sustainable processes are efficient processes

Get a grip on the environmental impact of your processes – with Ecochain. Our solutions help you understand where the impact in a process occurs – and how you can improve it. Compare processes in different production locations and find hotspots throughout your value chain.

See your processes in a new light

Visualize the environmental impact of all your processes in one easy-to-understand interface. Choose different impact categories, such as CO2 or acidification – and compare how your processes perform against each other.

Impact per Process
Impact Flows Beer

Compare the impact of different production locations

With Ecochain, you can represent the environmental impact of different production locations. They can function as totally separate businesses – or be linked to each other to create even deeper insights.

Find environmental hotspots in your processes

Where does the majority of your impact come from? Through our process footprints, you can easily assess where the impact in your processes occurs – and how you can reduce it.

Our specialists have your back.

Sustainable change isn’t easy. And it doesn’t come overnight. If you don’t have the expertise to measure your environmental emissions in-house, our team of experienced Environmental Specialists is here to help. All our solutions come with dedicated specialist onboarding and project support, so that you can make sure that your individual needs are met.

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