Environmental & LCA Consulting

Side-by-side on your sustainability journey: Our Environmental Specialists

Do you want to measure your emissions but you just don’t know where to start? You’re not ready or you don’t have the resources to start measuring with software? Our team of experienced specialists has helped hundreds of companies to measure, understand, and improve their environmental footprint

LCA Consultant

Don’t hunt for data all by yourself

Our Environmental Specialists have led hundreds of sustainability projects, and they understand how challenging it can be to get accurate data. They understand where to look and will help you identify the right data sources based on your individual challenge.


Industry expertise for any sector

Our Environmental Specialists work in focussed industries. That means that every specialist you work with has worked with companies just like yours, and can get started with specific domain expertise, fast. We currently have specialized experts for sectors such as agriculture, food, packaging, construction, and services.

Your strategic circularity partner

Our Environmental Specialists help you interpret the results of your environmental assessment. They develop reduction strategies and provide you with alternatives to reduce your environmental impact.

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