Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week: Business Day at CIRCL – October 7

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Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week: Business Day
Recap, slides & key takeaways

The fashion industry is changing. But it will not get more transparent overnight.

That is why Ecochain teamed up with CIRCL, DSFW and InRetail to host the Business Day of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week on October 7, 2019, at CIRCL Amsterdam. More than 20 entrepreneurs and industry experts shared their insights into how we can make the fashion value chain more transparent.

The goal: Finding solutions, not problems

The goal of the event was to bring experts in fashion together and discuss how the value chain can become more transparent and measurable. Participants and speakers included companies such as G-Star, Zeeman, Bestseller, WE Fashion, Kings of Indigo, Hema, Labfresh as well as Secretary of State Stientje van Veldhoven

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Key takeaways

Workshop: Making sustainability transparent and measurable - Roel Drost, Ecochain

Circularity and sustainability are sometimes empty buzzwords. But when it comes to hard facts, what do they actually mean? And how can we make them measurable? That is what Roel Drost, Chief Value Officer at Ecochain, answered in his workshop. The key aspect is the Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI), called Milieukostenindicator (MKI) in Dutch. It is a monetary value that combines different impact categories. Circular initiatives manifest in different impact categories, and MKI helps with combining them in one value.

Roel Drost, Ecochain

Keynote: Water and chemical free dyeing - Femke Zijlstra, DyeCoo

The dyeing process and the involved chemicals have an enormous impact on the environmental footprint of fashion, especially on water pollution. DyeCoo has developed a solution that dyes fabrics completely without the use of process chemicals and water and thus saves chemical costs as well as energy costs.

Keynote: The truth behind claims and labels - Jo van Landeghem, Creamoda

As a buyer, it’s hard to understand the quality, safety, impact or production chain of a product. Creamoda, the Belgian fashion association, has thus launched bAwear, an initiative to create transparency and traceability for textile products. It is being implemented as we speak.

PaneL Discussion DSFW

Keynote: The R ladder in circular fashion - Miriam Geelhoed, Modint

Reduce, reuse, repair, recover, recycle are the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s principles towards a circular economy. These steps can only be embraced by creating data-driven insights into the fashion value chain.

Keynote: The values of sustainability - Jan-Willem van Loon, Studio Anneloes

The traditional fast-fashion model is slowly being enhanced by higher quality, less overproduction and style on demand. Studio Anneloes is part of that transformation and they benchmark and measure their efforts in order to make data-driven decisions.

Jan-Willem van Loon, Studio Anneloes

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Keynote: Using technology to change how men consume fashion - Lotte Vink, Labfresh

Labfresh is a start-up that first gained traction through selling stain repellent, anti-bacterial and odor-free men’s shirts through Kickstarter. Since then, they have built an impressive following and customer base throughout Europe. They put their innovative products into reality through a strong grip on their supply chain, that allowed them to use cutting-edge technologies straight from the lab, that they launched in different steps.

Lotte Vink, Labfresh

Keynote: The true price of fashion - Henk Hofstede, ABN AMRO

Henk Hofstede

The true price of fashion goes well beyond the price tag: Energy use and CO2 emissions, insecticides and pesticides used in cotton farming, and the waste produced through fashion trends are only a few of the many issues of the fashion industry. Fashion has to become more transparent and create value instead of degrading it. In their analysis of the true price of jeans, they learnt that the total true price gap of jeans is more than 33€. But consumers are becoming more critical, and companies are starting to change.

Keynote: The road to sustainability starts with transparency - Arnoud van Vliet, Zeeman

“Good apparel does not have to be expensive” With this quote Arnoud kicks off his keynote. Everybody in the Netherlands knows Zeeman, but not many know of its ambitions to become a sustainable leader in apparel. Compared to other brands, Zeeman doesn’t brag about how good they are doing. They are open about their current state and focus on what can be improved instead of on what is already achieved. This mindset is key in becoming more sustainable.  Fashion has a very complex supply chain and the only way to go forward is to become transparent. 

Keynote: The Future of lighting - Thomas Leenders, Signify


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Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week: Business Day

Een dag vol keynotes, paneldiscussies en workshops, waar leiders in duurzame mode inspiratie en praktische ideeën uitwisselen over hoe de industrie vooruit te sturen.

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Hoe kunnen we duurzaamheid mogelijk maken in de fashion supply chain? Samen met de Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week en Inretail organiseert Ecochain een actiegerichte, hands-on Business Day met inzichten en inspiratie voor modeprofessionals die duurzame verandering willen naar voren brengen.

Gerenommeerde sprekers van toonaangevende bedrijven in duurzame mode zullen actiegerichte kennis delen over hoe ze innovatie en technologie toepassen om de impact van hun producten te verminderen.

Het programma zal diepgaande workshops, paneldiscussies en inspirerende keynotes bevatten gericht op mode professionals. 

Het volledige programma wordt binnenkort aangekondigd.


  • 10:00 – Inloop & Innovation Fair
  • 10:30 – Welkomstwoord
  • Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week
  • 10:40 – Workshop 1 & 2
  • Workshop 1: Maak duurzaamheid in de mode transparant en meetbaar.
    Roel Drost, Ecochain
  • Workshop 2: Waar let ik op bij de inkoop, wat betekenen certificeringen? InRetail

    Workshop 3: Het gebruik van cognitieve neuropsychologie voor het bereiken van positieve gedragsverandering. Philip Jordanov

  • 11:15 – Verduurzaming in the fashion supply chain (Plenair)
  • Process: Femke Zijlstra, DyeCoo
  • Branch: Jo van Landeghem, Creamoda
  • Branch: Miriam Geelhoed, Modint
  • Retail: Jan-Willem van Loon, Studio Anneloes
  • Gebruiksfase: Lotte Vink, LABFRESH
  • 12:30 – Retail - Henk Hofstede, ABN AMRO
  • 13:00 – Lunch & Innovation Fair
  • 14:05 – Modint, Inretail & VGT
  • 14:10 – Opening middag door Staatssecretaris Stientje van Veldhoven (Keynote)
  • 14:20 – Panel Discussie 1
  • Hoe betrekken we de consument bij het verduurzamen van de fashion industrie?
  • Studio Anneloes, MODINT, BESTSELLER, HEMA
  • 14:35 – Plenaire spreker: Arnoud van Vliet, Zeeman
  • 14:35 – Panel Discussie 2
  • Hoe stimuleren we ketensamenwerking in de fashion industrie? Creamoda, G-Star, WE Fashion, Zeeman
  • 15:20 – Koffie pauze
  • 15:35 – Plenaire spreker: Signify
  • 15:50 – Panel Discussie 3
  • Welke duurzame lessen we leren van andere industrieën?
  • Signify, InRetail, Kings of Indigo, Ecochain
  • 16:10 - 16:15 – Afsluiting / opening borrel
  • 16:15 - 17:15 – Netwerk borrel + Innovation Fair


Workshop 1:
Maak duurzaamheid in de mode transparant en meetbaar. 
Roel Drost
Chief Value Officer at Ecochain

Workshop 2:
Waar let ik op bij de inkoop, wat betekenen certificeringen.
Femke den Hartog

Workshop 3:
Het gebruik van cognitieve neuropsychologie voor het bereiken van positieve gedragsverandering.
Philip Jordanov 
Cognitive Neuropsychologist at Neurofied


7. October 2019, CIRCL, 10-18h


Stientje van Veldhoven

Staatssecretaris van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

Jan-Willem Van Loon

Studio Anneloes

Thomas Leenders


Henk van Dop


Lotte Vink


Lisette Brookhuis


Harry Bijl


Peter Koppert


Henk Hofstede

ABN Amro

Carlien Helmink-Pfauth


Miriam Geelhoed


Sofie Schop


Roel Drost


Marijke Willemsen

WE Fashion

Arnoud van Vliet


Jo Van Landeghem


Femke Zijlstra