Sustainable Packaging

Our environmental management software helps you to identify key leverage points to develop sustainable business cases

Ecochain Environmental Softwar

Key Benefits

  • Control all your product and process footprints
  • Access LCA data (footprint data) on the fly
  • Interpret data through interactive graphs
  • Relate environmental impact to costs
  • Identify business opportunities in your value chain
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'With Ecochain we are able to optimize the decision-making process and track the results continuously'

‘Ecochain’s Environmental intelligence solves sustainability challenges for us. With Ecochain we are able to optimize the decision-making process and track the results continuously. Beside that Ecochain provides a reliable, scientifically proven method to measure, to prove and to market the continuous improvements to the environmental performance of our kegs’

Bert Hanssen Technical - Director Lightweight Container
lIghtweight containers - Bert Hansen


  • Conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) across your full product portfolio at once
  • Assess your environmental performance at product, process and company level
  • Determine the environmental hotspots in your value chain
  • Identify key leverage points to develop sustainable business cases
  • Make better design and purchasing decisions
  • Build significant competitive advantage with transparent, accessible footprint information
  • Become the go-to-supplier for sustainable packaging solutions


  • ISO 18602
  • ISO 18604
  • ISO 14040/44
  • PEF
  • OEF

In 2015 National Geographic reported that a staggering 5.35 trillion pieces of plastic waste were at loose in the world’s oceans. Facts like this get consumers, brand owners and governments increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts of packaging. Today, images of the Plastic Soup are etched on everyone’s mind.

These trends call for solutions to increase the sustainability of packaging products as well as for ways to communicate their environmental performance clearly and effectively.

Converters benefit from insights into environmental hotspots

Determining the environmental impact of packaging products is a complex process. It takes complex Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) – often outsourced and costly – to ensure that all impact variables are brought into the equation. Environmental Intelligence helps converters to conduct LCAs much more efficiently (digitally), for all of their products at once. The consolidated results offer an integrated insight into the environmental performance of a company’s processes and products and also point out environmental hotspots in the value chain. (Scope 1, 2 + 3)

Knowing and understanding your environmental hotspots allows you to make more informed decisions about product design, material use, process innovations. For example, it helps to find the right balance between reducing packaging weight and preventing product loss, or compare the environmental impact of virgin materials to renewables and reusables.

Converters can exploit environmental transparency to build a competitive advantage.

Brand owners increasingly want to bring sustainable products to market and the demand for sustainable packaging solutions grows steadily. However, they need relevant, reliable information to make the best decisions. If your packaging solution helps to increase product preservation and limit waste or minimizes the use of scarce materials, your customers need to understand how. So to benefit from your sustainability efforts, you need to communicate your sustainable efforts and benefits to the market clearly. Environmental intelligence makes LCAs (and EPDs) readily available and enables you to inform brand owners proactively about your environmental performance. This helps to become the preferred supplier for sustainable packaging solutions.

Build a sustainable packaging value chain together

Environmental Intelligence enables the packaging sector to manage and share integrated environmental information with value chain partners and consumers. It helps everyone to understand and compare the environmental life cycle impact of your packaging solutions. This allows raw material suppliers, converters, brand owners and consumers to make the best choices to reduce the footprint of packaging together.

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Integrated. Collaborative. Accessible

Ecochain brings environmental intelligence to the heart of the enterprise and empowers everyone to make sustainable change.

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