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Measure, Improve and Share your Environmental Performance

Ecochain Environmental Softwar

Key benefits Ecochain

  • Disclose verified footprint data and become a winning sustainable brand
  • Discover sustainability measures that benefit your bottom line and the environment
  • Calculate and control the life cycle impact (footprint) of your products
  • Get insights into the footprint of your suppliers
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Industry Challenges:

  • Meeting transparency demands of conscious consumers
  • Lack of (scientific) knowledge to support circular design principles
  • Lack of accessible, quality data on the environmental impact of materials and production methods
  • Unraveling the complexity of supply chains in apparel

Ecochain Solutions:

  • Ecochain enables you to disclose verifiable footprint data to customers
  • Ecochain supports designers to apply circular design principles with relative ease
  • Ecochain allows your business to develop its own environmental database and integrated reports
  • Ecochain helps you to pinpoint suppliers with the highest impact

1. Meet the transparency demands of the growing market for conscious consumers

Fashion shoppers are increasingly conscious and more brands than ever are transparent about their environmental performance.  In the meanwhile sustainable brands that are disclosing their footprints and sustainability efforts are gaining a competitive advantage. But conducting footprint assessments can be very complex and expensive. That is why Ecochain has developed a revolutionary digitized solution that helps you to conduct footprint assessments across your full portfolio at once, at a fraction of the time and the costs of traditional solutions.

2. Enable your designers to meet circular fashion principles

Science is critical to tackling environmental issues. The scientific approach to calculating the footprints is called life-cycle assessment. LCA is a long known applied methodology used in industrial product design. In fashion, this would require most designers to develop a new skill set. But since Ecochain’s purpose is to allow everyone to become an environmental expert, our solution will help your designers to calculate and understand LCAs without having to be an environmental expert. As a result, they can design circular fashion with relative ease.

3. Develop a database with verifiable data to analyze material, production and supply chain footprints

Ecochain enables you to assess the footprints of materials, production systems, and your supply chain so that you can develop your own (brand authentic) footprint database. The insights can be applied to engage internal stakeholders, customers, and suppliers to make a case for a more sustainable value chain.

4. Overcome the complexity of your supply chain

On average a fashion business’s supply chain contributes >75% to its footprint. This implies that supply chain engagement is essential to reduce your footprint. But the fashion industry is known for its supply chain complexity, so where to start if you want to assess the footprint of your supply chain? Ecochain helps you to tackle this question, because it enables you to pinpoint supply chain hotspots and identify the suppliers with the highest impact. As a result, you will know which suppliers to engage to reduce your footprint.

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Philips reports its Environmental Profit & Loss, enabled by Ecochain

“At Philips, we fully embrace sustainability because of the benefits for societies, and because we believe that it is a driver for economic growth. That’s why we have sustainability incorporated in our company strategy” 

Frans van Houten - CEO Philips

'With Ecochain we are able to optimize the decision-making process and track the results continuously'

‘Ecochain’s Environmental intelligence solves sustainability challenges for us. With Ecochain we are able to optimize the decision-making process and track the results continuously. Beside that Ecochain provides a reliable, scientifically proven method to measure, to prove and to market the continuous improvements to the environmental performance of our kegs’

Bert Hanssen Technical - Director Lightweight Container
lIghtweight containers - Bert Hansen

'Ecochain helps us to reduce costs, improve process management, reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.'

We are continuously striving to optimize our processes to discover how we can reduce our energy consumption, use of materials and emissions. This is how we help our customers reduce the footprint of their civil design projects and win green tenders together. Due to Ecochain we can measure and improve our performance, and we do so on a monthly basis.

- Alexander Pouw, Commercial Director

‘I think that in the near future you will not even be able to submit to a tender without disclosing your environmental performance’

The greener the better, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is impossible to change the world on your own. You need everyone in your value chain to arrive at a CO2 neutral operation. And Ecochain helps us to identify the hotspots in our value chain that in effect point out opportunities to really make an impact.

- Roderik Mos, Managing Director

‘The urgency for sustainability is a topic that is so extremely vivid and concerns everyone. As a business, you have to get your house in order’

You need to analyze your own environmental performance before you can engage your value chain partners. Ecochain developed a toolbox that is accessible and easy to use and taught us the rules of the sustainability game, so we can discuss these rules with others and really make a difference.

- Jos Burger, CEO Ultimaker

Measure. Improve. Benefit

Ecochain brings environmental intelligence to the heart of the enterprise and empowers everyone to make sustainable change

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