Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Measure, Improve and Profit from your Environmental Performance

Ecochain Environmental Softwar

Key Benefits

  • Grow a sustainable, future-proof brand
  • Control all your product and process footprints
  • Relate environmental impact to costs
  • Identify supply chain optimizations
  • Benefit your bottom line and the environment
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Industry Challenges:

  • Disclosing verifiable footprint information to benefit from growing market for sustainable products
  • Unraveling the complexity and understanding the footprint of supply-chains
  • Decreasing food waste
  • Increase energy efficiency and decrease water usage

Ecochain’s Solutions:

  • Disclose verifiable footprint data to customers and build a sustainable brand
  • Pinpoint and engage suppliers with the biggest environmental impact
  • Discover business cases to turn food waste to value
  • Discover business cases for investments in energy & water efficiency

1.Benefit from the growing demand for sustainable food & agri

Three-out-of-four millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings (increased from around 50% in 2014 to 73% in 2015). Also, consumers increasingly check labels before they make a choice. As a result of these trends the food industry can heavily influence the product purchase of consumers, just by increasing transparency and sustainability efforts (> 50%).

Our revolutionary approach to footprint assessments will help you benefit from this trend. As a result you can assess and improve the footprint of your company and full product portfolio and disclose verifiable footprint information about your environmental performance to consumers.

2.Overcome the complexity of your Supply Chain

On average a business’s supply chain contributes >75% to its footprint. This implies that supply chain engagement is essential to reducing your footprint. But where to start? Ecochain helps you to tackle this question by enabling you to pinpoint the environmental hotspots in your supply chain and identify the suppliers with the highest impact. As a result, you will learn which suppliers to engage – and how –  to effectively reduce the environmental footprint of your products.

3.Learn how to turn your waste into value

An integrated approach is needed to achieve a circular food system that retains value. This requires an optimum use of residue streams and natural resources. However, the challenge is to analyze and model the value of residue streams to create new products.

To meet help you meet this challenge, Ecochain supports you discover the measures and the steps to create value from by-products and close the loop of nutrients. Overall, Ecochain enables you to turn waste into value to profit your business and our environment.

4.Discover business cases for investments in process efficiency

With the support of Ecochain, you can leverage lean process-management and look at the return-on-investment of shifts to alternative resources and production methods.

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Ecochain brings environmental intelligence to the heart of the enterprise and empowers everyone to make sustainable change.

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