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Designed to drive sustainability across industry value chains

Every company’s footprint is entwined with that of another, so the maximum sustainable gains result from collaboration throughout industry value chains.


All Industries

With Ecochain any organization can control their environmental impact across their value chain in relation to costs and profits – upstream and downstream.
Our clients are active in 14 different industries.

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Consultancy

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Food and beverages

  • Hospitality

  • ICT

  • Manufacturing

  • Non-profit

  • Packaging

  • Public services

  • Logistics

  • Utilities

Industry Focus


The urgency for a green, sustainable built environment is growing and governments are pushing the industry to raise the bar with strict legislation. Ecochain helps contractors and their suppliers to become industry leaders and sustainable frontrunners.

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The demand for transparency about the environmental impact of packaging is growing rapidly. At the same time, the industry is dealing with raw material scarcity, a challenging energy transition and increased regulation. Ecochain helps to convert these challenges into sustainable opportunities.

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Industry Focus


The demand for a sustainable chemical industry is increasing. But it is no longer just a matter of complying with regulators and dealing with public pressure. Environmental Intelligence helps chemical producers become lean, sustainable frontrunners that anticipate the global power shift.

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