Measure & Design more sustainable products. Fast

Measure your product’s environmental footprint. Compare different products and materials. And design more sustainable products – in a heartbeat. With our easy product footprint tool Mobius. 

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Ecochain Mobius brings environmental data into your product design process.

Take control over your product's environmental performance.

With Mobius.


With the intuitive interface and in-tool guidance you’re a sustainability professional in no-time. Measuring product environmental footprints (LCA's) and improvements - at a fast pace. 


Get credible environmental insights into every part of your product’s footprint. Mobius is built on the scientific method Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Using the world's largest impact database Ecoinvent.


Take complete control over the environmental performance of your products. No more slow, inefficient processes where you depend on others for results.


Improving your product’s environmental design is easy! Create scenarios to test alternative materials & designs and benchmark your product to industry standards.


Our Mobius Help Center and experienced environmental specialists are just one click away to provide guidance and certainty where needed.

How Ecochain Mobius works

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1. Model your product's lifecycle

From raw materials to retail.

 We’ve reimagined how you can visualize the life cycle impacts of your product. Model & measure  the impact of your product through its different phases, and make sustainable decisions that go beyond your own processes.

2. Connect Environmental Impact

Connect your product to the leading impact databases.

Connect every material and process in your product’s lifecycle to the corresponding impact. Ecochain Mobius connects to the leading life cycle inventory databases, such as Ecoinvent. That means that you can immediately access the right datapoints for your product, without having to read academic papers. 

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3. Compare designs & materials

From raw footprint data to sustainable design.

You now have your product’s footprint. What if you switched to a more sustainable material, part or process? Test different product designs and materials side by side and model their impact as you go. Understand the impact your design choices have on your product in real-time. Speed up your sustainable design process.

4. Benchmark to industry standards

Claim your environmental design to the world.

Compare your product to industry standards and make sustainability claims based on accurate environmental data. 

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Mobius Help Center

Our Mobius Help Center will guide your way.

With the tutorials in the Mobius Help Center you'll learn how to measure and improve footprint in no-time. Not ready to measure your footprint completely all on your own? No worries. Our team of experienced environmental specialists can assist you in implementing our software- and answering your questions along the way.

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