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Food and Beverage

Globally, close to 1/4th of the GHG emissions are from food production. If you’re in the food and beverage business, you need to ensure your carbon emissions are in check. Performing an LCA on your products and processes goes a long way in understanding your entire environmental impact.

Ecochain Mobius has helped many companies in the F&B sector to analyze and reduce their footprint with the help of our LCA solutions.

Ecochain for the Food and Beverage Industry

Cater to the whole process

Assess your entire process—from your suppliers to customers. Understand where the biggest impact is coming from and act proactively to lower it. Ecochain’s software helps you analyze your major impact drivers and enables you to act on them.

Substitute with sustainability

In the food and beverage sector, one of the main contributors to environmental impact could be the ingredients, and its product and transport. Substitute these with more sustainable alternatives like organic materials or plant-based meat or electric vehicles and compare the impact.

Sharing is caring

Not just for food, when it comes to environmental footprint results, it’s better to share. Be it a concise PDF or a full fledged footprint report, Ecochain lets you share your environmental footprint with your team, retailers, and the world.

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Food packaging material scenarios

Get impact data of your food and beverages’ packaging instantly. With environmental impact data of 100+ packaging materials, our databases let you choose from a large amount of plastics, bioplastics, metals, organic materials, adhesives, solvents, and more. Check if an alternative brings your impact down in a breeze.

10+ years of expertise

Being around for more than 10 years now, we have worked with many companies in the food and beverage industry on their LCAs. So, you don’t have to worry, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you as well.

Help is just a click away

Ecochain’s solutions are more than just pieces of software. Our environmental specialists have the expertise and experience to support you in reducing your food and beverages’ impact and making your project a success.

Our solutions for Food and Beverage companies

Happy Coco

How Happy Coco understood their footprint using Ecochain Mobius:

  • Life cycle assessment of entire product portfolio
  • Analysis on the biggest impact driver—transport of raw material
  • Compare their products with traditional animal-based products

Ecochain Mobius

With an intuitive and easy-to-use solution to create LCAs, Happy Coco used Ecochain Mobius to create an LCA to know with certainty where their environmental impact comes from, and how they can compensate for it.

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How Willicroft achieved a 25x lower carbon footprint with Ecochain Mobius:

  • Make sustainable product designs and showcase it with a Product Footprint.
  • Benchmark new ingredients and identify recipes with a high impact. 
  • Demonstrate your environmental impact reduction in all impact categories.

Ecochain Mobius

With an intuitive solution to create LCAs, Willicroft used Ecochain Mobius to communicate their products environmental impact and benchmark it with industry averages. Willicroft previously lacked the tools to become a truly impact-driven business. Now, Willicroft is making sustainable product designs and createing alternative products with Mobius.


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What our customers are saying

Wanda Gordts
“We needed a user-friendly platform to calculate the impact of our products. In addition to access to an extensive database, we also receive personalized advice from environmental specialists. Mobius is exactly what we need to be able to continue learning about sustainability.” — Wanda Gordts, Head of Marketing & Product Development at Vadigran Read more
Thomas van Hemert - Zeropackaging
“The main functionalities of Mobius combined with how easily the tool can be tailored for packaging, makes working with Mobius delight. With Mobius we are able to incorporate Ecodesign to our product development and business processes. ” — Thomas van Hemert, Designer at ZeroPackaging Read more


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