Be it a CEO of an impact-driven company, or the CFO of an enterprise, being sustainable is no longer a good-to-have. Understanding the environmental footprint goes a long way in establishing your presence as well as contributing to one’s bottomline. C-level executives need actionable insights on their environmental footprint to decide their next course of action. Based on the footprint data, they can choose to share it with the world or work on making it better. Using LCA software helps you ascertain your product or process footprint quicker.

Ecochain for the C-level

Understand impact

Performing an LCA lets you understand where your company’s environmental impact stems from. It could be the most obvious areas or could something else altogether. Using Ecochain’s software, you can identify impact hotspots and actively work on reducing them.

Turn data into insight

You no longer have to search for the needle in a haystack. Creating an LCA gives you actionable information. With Ecochain’s solutions, you can get actionable insights on impact (in €) in the form of a concise 1-pager or a comprehensive footprint report, in a matter of clicks.

Implement ecodesign

Don’t be reactive, be proactive. Once you understand your footprint, incorporate ways to make your product production process better. Incorporate ecodesign in your product development process to automatically reduce your entire environmental impact.

Our solution for the C-level

See how we help C-level folks understand their sustainability.

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How Skullcandy identifed their impact hotspots:

  • Created cradle-to-gate LCAs for 3 main product groups
  • Revealed the environmental hotspots of their headphones and earbuds
  • Implemented ecodesign into their product development process

Ecochain Mobius

By using Ecochain Mobius, Skullcandy gained insights into the impact hotspots in their headphones and earbuds. In a short time, Skullcandy learned where most of their product’s impact stems from. Learning to focus their product development efforts where it really made a significant difference and Ecochain Mobius enabled them to do that with the product LCAs.

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What our customers are saying

Wim de Jager COO Skullcandy
“The health of the planet is important to our employees and consumers. Ecochain Mobius has allowed us to measure our products' impact and identify its sources so that we can start implement change. Soon, we will use Ecochain Mobius in our production decision-making processes.” — Wim de Jager, COO at Skullcandy Read more
Matt Breuer
“Ecochain Helix has allowed us to print footprint decisions to the earliest stage of our planning process, allowing us to proactively plan more sustainable product lines vs. forcing us to react months after a review.” — Matt Breuer, CMO at Buffy Read more
Jan-Willem van Loon
“We started with a "box of data". But Ecochain Helix helped us turn our data into a sustainable story that helps us connect with our customers.” — Jan-Willem van Loos, Co-owner at Studio Anneloes Read more

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