Consultancy services

We offer a wide range of consultancy services to maximize your results with Ecochain software. Our Environmental Specialists have extensive knowledge in supporting customers with all their LCA questions ranging from raw materials, supply chain, impact modeling, impact presentation and verification.

First LCA guidance

In a project setup, we guide you through your first LCA calculations. This includes kick-off and account setup, support with data collection, support with data analysis, guidance on data entry in the tool, help with choices to be made (e.g. choosing the right calculation method, LCI database, and making assumptions), and present the results in our LCA software.

LCA report creation

Do you need reports about your LCA calculations? We can help you with a presentation about your LCA results, a one pager for a product LCA, or a complete LCA report ready for verification, based on your needs.

LCA/EPD verification

Since assessments and verifications require technical LCA knowledge and knowledge of standards and guidelines (e.g. EN15804+A2 / NMD Determination Method / ISO 14040/14044 / various PCR standards), we assist you with review and verification processes. We can also help with the creation of verified EPDs (self-declared or for publication on a platform). We have experience publishing EPDs of our customers on MRPI, EPD Norge and EPD International.


Any questions related to your use cases and our solutions? Get in touch with our sustainable business specialists team.

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