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Case study

How Ultimaker is making 3D printing more sustainable


Ultimaker is a Dutch leader in 3D printing – the company from Utrecht produces and distributes 3D printers, software and materials.

At the heart of Ultimakers operations is the goal of making 3D printing accessible. As part of that mission, the company strives to make their products and operations as sustainable as possible – for Ultimaker, this is their responsibility.

But the complex products and value chains make it a challenge to really understand the environmental impact of their products and processes.

You cannot talk about sustainability unless you’ve put your own house in order, and unless you have a toolbox that can be used to make improvements. Ecochain helped us a lot with this.


Ecochain helps Ultimaker to calculate the emissions on a product and process level. Together with Ecochain’s Environmental Specialists, Ultimaker was able to compare the footprints of their product lines and understand where the impact gets created – deep-diving into different impact categories such as the Environmental Cost Indicator and the effect on climate change.

Results: Truly sustainable product decisions

Together with Ecochain, Ultimaker can now make fact-based decisions on their product portfolio and how to redesign their products. They significantly lower their impact, one step at a time.