Carbon Translator

Translate CO2 into metrics that you understand.

We can’t see CO2. And for most of us, a “Carbon Footprint” sounds bad, but we have no benchmarks to compare it to. With the Carbon Translator, you can translate the carbon footprint of any product or company into understandable comparisons.

How much CO2-eq are you using?

Your CO₂ can be translated to...

Footprint of Steak


200 grams of Steak, Source

Footprint of Avocado


One average avocado, Source

Footprint of Tshirt

Black T-Shirt

Made from cotton, modeled in Mobius

Footprint of Flight

Flights NYC-AMS

Roundtrip, Source

Co2 Budget per Capita

CO2 Budget per capita

Footprint of Driving around Globe

x around the globe

Driving a car with 8l/100km, Source

Footprint of Google Search

Google Searches

Footprint of Oats

Oats, 200g

Footprint of Cup of Coffee

Cups of Coffee

Footprint per Capita NL

1 person, per year

Production based, Netherlands, Source