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Being future proof is knowing your emissions. With Ecochain, you can calculate your emissions, discover business opportunities & risks and increase efficiency.

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Carbon tax

All around the world, countries are implementing or discussing carbon tax. This controversial measure can be a powerful tool for governments to steer towards a greener economy. Although it can also be misused when the carbon price is not set accordingly. However it may be used, it will always pose a risk for companies that are not prepared. 

To become future proof you will need company-specific environmental insights, insights that shows you where your risks are and where you can find your opportunities. 

Performance Statistics

Environmental insights everyone can work with

Traditional LCAs are conducted by experts, for experts. It’s hard to translate them into actionable insights for your business.

Translate data into performance statistics

Ecochain transforms scientific, environmental data into actionable performance statistics – making them accessible to all your stakeholders, from R&D to Marketing.

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Network Technology

Connect with your suppliers, scale your performance

The supply chain often accounts for 90 % or more of a company’s footprint – an enormous opportunity. But if you rely on averages, your supply chain data is never entirely accurate.

Synchronize with your supply chain

With Ecochain, you can connect your company to your entire supply chain. When a supplier changes their energy provider or starts using more sustainable materials, this immediately shows in your own environmental performance.

How your business benefits from Environmental Intelligence

Traditional LCA Software

  • Handled by LCA experts –
    knowledge gets outsourced
  • Single Product Assessment,
    one product at a time
  • Benchmark based on Industry average
  • High variable costs

Environmental Intelligence Platform

  • Handled internally by all stakeholders –
    knowledge remains inside
  • Integrated company assessment –
    footprint for the entire organization
  • Benchmark based on real data
  • Low fixed costs
Ecochain: Product Overview

An introduction to Ecochain

Every business is different. We strongly encourage you to schedule a demo with our environmental experts, so they can tailor it to your needs and show you how to get the maximum out of Ecochain.

Gain insights into impact flows

Take a closer look at the materials and processes that contribute to the environmental footprints of your products.

Ecochain Feature Impact Flow
Ecochain Product Footprint

Control your full portfolio's Footprint

Conduct LCA Life-cycle Assessments across your entire product portfolio at once and easily compare the footprint of individual products.

Compare the footprint of product lines based on production numbers

Understands the impact of product lines within the context of production numbers.

Compare Product Lines
Scopes Visualization

Analyze the environmental impacts of scope 1,2 and 3

Gain insights into the full scope of your impact across your value chain. Identify hotspots that point out opportunities for sustainable returns. Collaborate with value chain partners to optimize your environmental performance.

Dive into the details of your footprint

Zoom into the details of your footprint and break it down into 32 different environmental categories – from CO2 to water toxicity – or display your footprint as an Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) score.

Footprint Details
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Create Environmental Product Declarations on the fly

Environmental Product Declarations – short EPDs – are independently verified documents that communicate the environmental impact of your products. With Ecochain, you can create EPDs for your entire product portfolio in no time.

Ecochain complies with the following norms and standards

ISO 14040/44
ISO 14067
EN 15804

PAS 2050

ISO 14021/25 compliance
ISO 14001 data framework
ISO 50001 data framework

GRI data framework environment
EU Energy Efficiency Directive EED

Start being Future-Proof Today.

These are your six steps to reduce your emissions, increase your efficiency and unlock business opportunities.

  1. Schedule a Demo
  2. Attend a tailored, in-depth presentation (45 minutes)
  3. Receive our tailored offer – the offer includes the implementation of Ecochain through our environmental specialists.
  4. Receive easy and self-explanatory templates to prepare the company data. Kick-off meeting with Ecochain specialists.
  5. Ecochain’s specialists help you with implementing the software, deliver actionable insights and train your team.
  6. Ecochain provides ongoing support and expert hours.