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Posts by Zazala Quist

Hi, I'm Zazala - former content writer at Ecochain. My goal: make difficult sustainability concepts - understandable to all.

Two Drifters Distillery
Treating CO₂ as waste – How Two Drifters Distillery became Carbon-Negative
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11 Industries compared: The source of the environmental impact of our clients (and what it reveals)
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ecoSpirits Glass Cube
How can a glass cube change the way we sell spirits to bars?
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Sir David Attenborough - Photo: World Bank / Simone D. McCourtie
Is the Dutch farming system as sustainable as David Attenborough thinks?
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Cut Agave - Mezcal production
Tequila’s long lost relative, wild agave, and social empowerment
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Tim from Avallen Spirits
The ONE thing with the biggest impact on sustainability… that nobody talks about
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Good Vodka bottle
From Fruit Waste to Good Vodka: Welcome to the Sustainable Party
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PEF - woods
Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) – A Complete Overview
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Water Footprint - Water Image
The hidden water footprints in your supply chain
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