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Posts by Lena Nickel

I'm Researcher & writer at Ecochain. During my studies in Global Sustainability Science, LCA really captured my interest. It continues to fascinate me in my current Master in Energy Science, where I also conduct LCAs myself. I love researching & writing (and learning more!) about these crucial topics now for Ecochain's Knowledge Blog.

ESG infographic
Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) – Regulations, Requirements, and Reporting
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Cradle to grave in LCA
Cradle-to-Grave in LCA – What is it & How does it work?
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Cradle to gate in LCA
Cradle-to-Gate in LCA – What is it & How does it work?
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Ecodesign Directive for Sustainable Products (ESPR): 2023 Overview
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EoL in LCA_Ecochain
End-of-life (EoL) in LCA: Impacts of waste & benefits of recycling.
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References from database
The most used LCI Databases for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
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LCA Process: Phase 1 - Definition of Goal & Scope
How to define the goal & scope of your LCA
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Infographic LCA - step 4 interpretation
How to interpret your LCA results
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LCA Life Cycle Impact Assessment LCIA
From data to impact data: Impact Assessment in LCA (LCIA)
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