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Jochem wants to unleash the business potential of sustainability

Jochem Mos, founder and R&D Director of Ecochain, is driven by his vision of a prosperous future. He believes the circular economy is a system that will sustain prosperity for future generations, – and that a life cycle approach is a valuable method to measure the progress towards circular business models. As a Life Cycle Assessment Expert with an MSc Business degree, he became much inspired by the works of Bob Willard*. Due to his background, he was quick to learn how sustainability measures can leverage business profitability.

‘How can I help companies to install a framework that quantifies the business value of sustainability?’

He was convinced that if everyone would understand how to quantify the business value of sustainability, everyone would want to become sustainable. However, he foresaw one big problem; companies had little to no access to what we now call Environmental Intelligence. How would companies know where to start? How would they discover key leverage points and set measurable goals?
Jochem decided he would do everything he could to help companies get the insights they needed to make sustainable change.

‘If everyone would have access to Environmental Intelligence, every business could capitalize on sustainability’

The only method that could deliver a measurable framework for business was Life Cycle Analysis, but that methodology had some restrictions; Life Cycle analyses where focussed around products and it outputs where hard to consolidate and extend to a company footprint. So the scope was too limited for integrated analyses. On top of that, conducting an LCA was also very costly and time-consuming, and delivered very little return on investment. Jochem decided this had to change. It should become much easier for companies to gain insights into their footprints and leverage sustainability to increase profitability.

In 2011 Jochem & Boudewijn founded Ecochain Technologies

Jochem decided to turn the whole approach to Life Cycle Analyses upside down and – using good old Excel – he developed Activity-Based Footprinting. ABF is based on the accounting method, Activity-based Costing and assigns an organization’s energy and material usage to its activities and then to their related outputs; like products and services. Using ABF, Jochem could conduct an LCA of a consolidated set of data, leading to an integrated insight into footprints at company, process and product level. He understood this would allow companies to indicate key leverage points and measurements to make their business more sustainable while improving their bottom line. In Boudewijn, his brother, he found the support he needed to start Ecochain Technologies.

We support Jochem!

Our team at Ecochain fully supports Jochem’s aim to sustain prosperity for future generations by empowering everyone with the knowledge and the tools to make better choices.

Ecochain provides you with all the necessary tools and insights to champion sustainable development en engage your own team and value chain partners to become circular al the way.

Today, over 1100 Ecochain users are contributing to a circular economy, a prosperous future, and a future-proof company. Come and join us!

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*Bob Willard is a leading expert on quantifying and selling the business value of corporate sustainability